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Protecting, restoring, opening to the public and bringing back to life a plethora of Italy's wonderful jewels of art and nature is a complex and never-ending task. From castles, monasteries and gardens to sites of natural beauty, villas, heritage houses and other little gems that make Italy all the more precious, all of our sites require care and attention day in, day out, in order to guarantee their effective long-term conservation.

On the one hand, we deal with major projects of conservative restoration, upgrading of services and maintenance of hi-tech security systems; on the other,we are also involved in numerous small- and large-scale maintenance operationson works of art and spaces – ongoing actions that allow us to monitor continuously their state of conservation and to schedule the restoration operations to be carried out on them.

This immense workload would be impossible to cope with, were it not for the concrete support provided by the great many people who believe in us and who share our values.

If you, too, decide to give us your support, another piece of Italy's exceptionally valuable artistic legacy and natural heritage could be saved.

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