Cartina Casa Carbone

Via Riboli, 14
Lavagna, Genoa
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Tel. 0185 393920 - Fax 0185 395300

Emanuele Carbone and Siria Carbone's heritage, 1992
Altri edifici

Opening Hours

Casa Carbone will be closed from 24 November to March 2015

10am-6pm from March to June and from September to 1 November, on public holidays and the day before public holidays only.
4.30 pm - 10.30 pm July and August, on public holidays and the day before public holidays only.
On all other dates, visits are by prior request only.
Visits depart every half hour.
Last entry half an hour before closing time.



A high-class nineteenthcentury residence
Objets d’art, ceramics and fin-desiècle furnishings, temperas, 17thcentury Ligurian-school paintings and vibrant terrazzo floors adorn Casa Carbone, a typical uppermiddle- class Ligurian residence of the 1800s that warmly and faithfully encapsulates the domestic atmosphere and residential tastes of the late-19th and early 20th centuries. On crossing the threshold, you leave behind the traffic of the city centre and find yourself immersed in the colours, decorative motifs and ambience of Ligurian bourgeois living as it was a century ago.

A museum of family life
Inherited by FAI from siblings Emanuele and Siria Carbone –the owners and final inhabitants - Casa Carbone is a veritable house-museum: every aspect represents a gesture, a habit of day-to-day living in years gone by, standing as a testament to domestic life and family history. The house still plays host to a plethora of vintage items, including linens, dinner services and kitchen utensils, as well as myriad original books, ornaments, fans and jewels. Other pieces reveal the tastes and passions of the owners of the house: from 19th-century scientific instruments to wooden puppets that embody characters from Italian comedies and fables, made with great skill and wit by Emanuele Carbone himself. The collection of paintings is worthy of particular attention, since it is constituted for the most part by works from the Genoa area dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Artists featured include Bernardo Castello, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari, Anton Maria Vassallo and Gio Enrico Vymer, whose work is represented by a delightful Portrait of a Judge.

A green space filled with lemon trees and ancient plants
The garden, overlooked by the interior of Casa Carbone, is embellished by camellias, ancient varieties of hydrangeas and creepers on the perimeter walls. The lemon trees, which waft their perfume through the air, provide the backdrop to this well-kept green oasis, which is considered a particularly welcoming place by visitors to the House.

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