Cartina Torre di Punta Pagana

Rapallo, Genova
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Donation: De Grossi, 1981
Area costiera Altri edifici



Between San Michele di Pagana and Prelo beach, there rises up a promontory covered by maritime pines, on which nestles one of the very few “Saracen” towers in Liguria that have not been smothered by residential development or debased by inappropriate utilisation. The donation afforded FAI the opportunity to restore the tower and ensure the survival of the surrounding trees. The restoration works saw the reinstatement of the “camera della bombarda” (cannon room), which was discovered under the original flooring of bricks laid on their ends, as well as the preservation and repair of the external 17th-century plasterwork. Here you are sure to find a moment to relax and savour the delightful sea view.


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