Environment and Landscape Observatory

Serving as a spokesperson for the interests and expectations of civil society, FAI supervises and intervenes actively across the country to defend Italy's landscape and cultural assets. To reinforce its activities, FAI has set up its own Environment and Landscape Observatory, which operates across three sectors: legislation; environmental policy; and territorial disputes and emergencies.


The Observatory conducts constant monitoring – both nationally and (where necessary) regionally – of the legislative principles that have a direct influence on environmental issues and/or issues relating to the cultural heritage (landscape and cultural assets). This work is today carried out thanks to a partnership with the Legal Department of WWF Italy.

Territorial Disputes and Emergencies

Since FAI is recognised as an environmental protection agency by the Italian Environment Ministry, it is considered a reference point on environmental issues. As an environmental protection agency, it is given access to, and entitled to participate in, various levels of policy-making, and is often called upon to make observations, deal with cases and supervise environmental protection activities.

There is a constant flow of “critical situations” relating to the environment and/or the landscape that are brought to FAI's attention and on which FAI is asked to intervene.

The scale of these cases is as wide as the nature of the issues involved, and the cases can often drag on and reappear time and again with minor variations. The principle on which the Observatory works is to respond to as many of the cases raised as possible. FAI's response to a given case – which can take any one of a number of forms – depends on the specifics of the case in question.


Highlighting the most beloved places in Italy in order to ensure their future – this is the objective of Italian Places I Love”, the national survey orchestrated by FAI in partnership with the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group. Every two years, individuals are asked to state which places they are particularly fond of – the places that they would like to see commemorated and conserved intact for future generations.
Since 2003, more than 50,000 sites have been highlighted thanks to a total of 1,800,000 nominations. The survey is also a catalyst for direct intervention, where possible, to save one or more of the places voted for every two years.

» See the list of places saved thanks to the funds made available through the "Italian Places I Love" survey


The “Training the Spotlights” project, which has been up and running since 2010, sees each FAI Delegation choose a local site that represents the collective identity – one that has been abandoned or neglected but that is very much worth saving with a view to reinstating its original dignity. Each Delegation works hard to raise the necessary funds to restore the site and give it back to the local community.

Environmental policy area

The department's objectives include the drafting of positioning documents on the basis of the issues being dealt with. These documents must then be rolled out across the trust's other departments, the delegations and also overseas.

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