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Engaging more and more people with the world of art, beauty and culture is one of our main objectives – one that we endeavour to pursue by staging at our heritage sites, and elsewhere, a series of cultural events and entertainment initiatives throughout Italy. This is a way to enable people to get up close and personal with our enthusiasm, our values and our substance, thereby spreading awareness of the necessity to protect Italy's legacy of art, nature and landscapes.

We organise three major nationwide events during the course of the year. The most well-known of these is undoubtedly FAI Spring Day – a large-scale national festival, which throws open the doors of hundreds of FAI properties across Italy. Another important event that we orchestrate is called “Italian Places I Love”, which is a national survey put together by FAI and Intesa Sanpaolo that, since 2003, has asked the Italian people to highlight those neglected places that are in imminent danger and that they would like to see protected or saved. Last but by no means least, FAI came up with FAIMARATHON, a cultural marathon organised in partnership with Il Gioco del Lotto (the Italian Lottery), takes in a full 70 Italian cities. It will be a journey through streets, squares and monuments in search of the beauty that we don't usually notice: that of the places where we live.

Moreover, FAI also organises a large number of events at its own properties, which – as well as being saved and restored – are given a new lease of life thanks to these events. Our initiatives include everything from flower exhibitions/markets to historical re-enactments in costume, cookery sessions and musical events, to name but a few. In these events, there is a special focus on giving children a great day out. In addition, we organise major art exhibitions that are staged in FAI properties, which offer visitors the chance to come face-to-face with the works of important artists, such as Giorgio Morandi, Antonio Discovolo, James Turrell, Christiane Löhr, Gianriccardo Piccoli, Joseph Kosuth and many others besides.

FAI also stages major concerts featuring the leading Italian and international names in music and ballet, who perform for the benefit of FAI in the most renowned venues in Italy. Myriad artists have chosen to give their support to FAI: from Maestros Riccardo Muti, Claudio Abbado and Ennio Morricone to ballet dancer extraordinaire Roberto Bolle and singer-songwriters of the calibre of Lucio Dalla, Franco Battiato, Paolo Conte, Ivano Fossati, Claudio Baglioni, Antonello Venditti and Luciano Ligabue; and from great artists such as Keith Jarrett, Salvatore Accardo and Uto Ughi to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, I Filarmonici di Roma, I Virtuosi Italiani, the Orchestra Mozart and the London Symphony Orchestra.

What is more, the FAI Delegations, which are scattered throughout Italy, are very heavily involved in cultural activities, organising a full calendar of events that are geared towards spreading FAI's values by letting the public know about the Trust's operations and initiatives. Among the most recent events, there was the FAI Golf Cup, a leading golf tournament launched in 2003 that is staged at some of Italy's most prestigious golf clubs. The purpose of this initiative is to boost FAI's profile amongst golfers and, of course, to raise funds for FAI's activities.

And then there are the national conferences that FAI organises; on each occasion, FAI selects an important issue relating to the safeguarding of Italy's art, environment and landscape.

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