FAI Delegations throughout Italy

In order to fulfil its statutory purposes, FAI (the Italian National Trust) – which has its national headquarters in Milan – leverages the input at local level of an extensive regional infrastructure. This takes the form of the Regional Secretariats and Councils, along with organised groups of volunteers located in the largest Italian population centres – the Delegations. The remit of this infrastructure is to spread the Trust's message and to find and involve local supporters – the FAI members.

FAI now has a presence in 20 Italian regions with 115 FAI Delegations, 65 FAI Groups and 60 FAI Young Groups. The FAI Delegations offer the chance to participate in a wealth of fascinating activities, such as: cultural excursions to places of historical/artistic importance; group visits to concerts and plays; guided tours of exhibitions, museums and other monuments; conferences and seminars that see the involvement of leading names from the worlds of art and culture; and, last but not least, entertainment events where good food is the order of the day. Becoming a FAI member entitles you, amongst many other advantages, to participate in the activities organised by the Delegation located closest to you.

To achieve a more direct form of contact with its members and with the public in general, the Delegations have also set up more than 300 FAI Points – spaces dedicated to FAI located within museums, bookshops, travel agencies and other premises, where visitors can request information about the Trust, and sign up or renew their memberships.

To learn more about the Regional Secretariats, Delegations and FAI Points, please select your region.

FAI Delegations

For more information:
Delegations Department
Patrizia Brandolini
Via Carlo Foldi 2 - 20135 Milan, Italy
tel +39 02 467615263 – fax +39 02 467615223
e-mail: delegazioni@fondoambiente.it

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