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Fai International

FAI International” is a division of FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, which has been set up with a view to spreading the Trust's message internationally and, in the process, raising awareness of Italy's extraordinary heritage of culture, art and nature – a heritage that, today, is at greater risk of neglect and dereliction than ever before. Italy is envied and admired right around the world by the multitude of visitors who come, year after year, to discover the treasures the country has to offer. Indeed, Italy can boast the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the widest diversity of landscapes anywhere on the planet.

FAI demonstrates an unflagging commitment towards preserving this heritage so as to ensure that it remains accessible to everyone, forever.

The “FAI International” division works to put in place an array of activities that benefit from the involvement of numerous European and international cultural organisations such as Europa Nostra, the National Trust of England and Wales, UNESCO and the European Union.
We believe that the sharing of experiences and best practices is crucial in order to achieve more effective management of Italy's heritage.

FAI has already founded three international support groups:

  • Friends of FAI is an American not-for-profit foundation that is based in New York. Its task is to cultivate greater awareness and appreciation of Italy's culture and artistic heritage in the United States and to contribute to the safeguarding of that culture through the organisation of events, trips, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and concerts throughout the States.
  • FAI FRANCE is a French association (regulated by the 1901 law) born in 2014 with the aim of increasing the awareness of FAI in France. FAI FRANCE organizes events, lectures, concerts and other kinds of fundraising events with the aim of sustaining FAI’s restoration projects.
  • FAI SWISS, a not-for-profit foundation governed by Swiss law, which aims to incentivise cultural exchange between Switzerland and Italy in an effort to safeguard and make the most of Italy's art and landscape.

  • FAI UK - Italian Heritage Trust, a charity registered in England and Wales created to foster greater awareness abroad of Italy’s considerable heritage and natural landscape, while also developing exchanges between Italy and the United Kingdom - two countries joined by their common love for art, culture and nature.
FAI's objective is to increase the number of overseas groups involved, and for them to be co-ordinated by the FAI International central office.

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