Annual Report 2011

In Italy in 2011, the international economic crisis had an even more significant effect than it had done in 2010, with a further reduction in GDP, stagnation in consumption and an increase in unemployment. History teaches us, however, that every crisis always offers a great opportunity for change to those who have the courage and the strength to react, rediscovering and leveraging the fundamental values of their own identity.

For Italy, the values in question are to be found in the “culture of the Italian lifestyle” that is envied right around the world. Believing very strongly in this conviction, here at FAI we have chosen to combat the crisis through a highly tangible approach, focusing all the more strongly on the effort to safeguard Italy's art, nature and landscape – an effort on which we have been engaged for more than 35 years.

In the context of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification, we have succeeded in re-opening three major examples of Italy's historical and artistic heritage: the Olivetti Showroom in Venice, the Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano di Torreglia (Padua) and the San Francesco Woodland in Assisi. These three initiatives form part of a wider process geared towards revising our projects and internal infrastructure with a view to planning out our actions for the coming years very carefully.

The Italian people have shown that they believe very much in this vision, and have rewarded our efforts accordingly, providing valuable support both through donations andthrough participation in our activities. We have seen an 8% increase inthefunds raised, with €1.1 million more being received in 2011 than in 2010; our Properties welcomed morethan 408,000 visitors, with more than 422,000 visitors participating in the FAI Spring Day.

Our October campaign, called “Remember to Save Italy”, also proved to be a great success, exceeding all expectations by managing to raise €700,000. This success on multiple fronts certainly benefitted from our major investments in marketing, aimed for the most part at the mass media.
All of this enabled us to close the year with a net improvement in our financial position with respect to 2010, even if we are still in the red. The continuation of the planning activities into 2012 will allow us to reach an objective that for us is crucial: to break even.

Annual Report 2011

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