FAIís volunteers perform an active and crucial part of the work of the Trust in the fulfilment of its objectives. There are many areas in which you can make a valid contribution, either at FAIís headquarters in Milan or within any of the dozens of Delegations, or even at the heritage sites during special events and exhibitions. While certain tasks performed by volunteers may require specific professional skills, the most important and indispensable quality of all those who help us is enthusiasm.

To cite just one example: FAI Spring Day, a large-scale event for the Trust, is staged each year thanks to the input of more than 6,000 volunteers.

To apply for a position as a volunteer:

Volunteers in the Delegations
Patrizia Brandolini
Tel +39 02 467615263 Ė fax +39 02 467615223
e-mail: delegazioni@fondoambiente.it

Volunteers for events at FAI heritage sites
Valeria Sessa
Tel +39 02 467615281 Ė fax +39 02 48193631
e-mail: manifestazioni@fondoambiente.it

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