What we do

“The Republic protects the landscape and the nation's historic and artistic heritage”
Article 9 of the Italian Constitution
In almost 40 years, we, the staff of FAI, and all those committed citizens, bodies and companies that support us, have been working to give substance to this article. Our day-to-day operations are geared towards protecting a heritage without equal anywhere in the world, which belongs to each of us, for the benefit of you and your children.

Here's what we do in real terms:

Restoration and conservation

We take care of the wonderful places that are entrusted to us: we deal with their restoration to enable them to be opened to the public so that everyone can enjoy them.


We provide citizens of all ages with information intended to educate them and raise their awareness of the fundamental value of our cultural and natural assets.

Environment and Landscape Observatory

We deal with areas of the countryside that are at risk and under threat; we respond to appeals from local communities, inform the relevant institutions of the cases we come across and intervene directly wherever possible.

Events and participation

We organise events across the country with a view to allowing everyone to participate in and share our values and to rediscover the jewels of Italy's wonderful heritage of art, nature and landscapes.

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