What you can do

Since 1975, day in, day out, FAI has been protecting and promoting Italy's artistic and natural heritage thanks to the support, generosity and dedication of an enormous number of individuals

There can be no breaks in what FAI does – this is why we need your help. 

There are many different ways to support FAI – learn all about them in detail and help us pursue our mission more effectively.


By signing up for an annual membership, you will be joining the ranks of those who are putting up a sustained fight to protect Italy's cultural heritage.


Donate now to FAI. Even a modest donation will help us to safeguard Italy's artistic legacy, natural heritage and landscape.


Adopt a tree, a bench, a room or a FAI property. You will become a trustee for the safeguarding of the selected asset, keeping up with its development and restoration, and you will get a great sense of satisfaction from having made a generous, important gesture with tangible effects. This section shows you how to do it.


By leaving a bequest to FAI, you will be remembered forever. Ask for our free Guide to Bequests, which contains all the relevant legal and tax information. You can also commemorate someone dear to you with a donation in their name or a dedicated plaque.

Party favours

On your happiest days, do your bit to support Beauty. To mark weddings, baptisms, confirmations, communions and graduations, choose FAI’s party favours: your guests are sure to appreciate your generous gesture, which will have a positive effect on Italy’s art and nature. Order them straight away.


Supporting FAI sends out a clear signal about your company's ethical and civic commitments. Corporate donors make an essential contribution to the work of the Trust since they enable it to bridge the funding gap. FAI could offer several opportunities and benefits to your company.

Do your bit for FAI

An exclusive visit, a party, a dinner, a concert, a show, an exhibition – there are numerous things you can do at the wonderful FAI sites located throughout Italy.


If you want to participate actively, contact the local FAI Delegations that are located throughout Italy. They will welcome you with open arms and help you to make the most of your free time.

Work with us

Are you a lover of Italy’s art, nature and landscape? Do you care about safeguarding and protecting them? Are you an enthusiastic person with a can-do attitude? If so, FAI could use your help!

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